Acer – DLP Projectors – 2800 Lumens



  • Up to 7,000 hours of lamp life the maximum offered saves lamp replacement costs and allows long-term, dependable projector use.
  • DynamicBlack (Lamp, 13,000:1) DynamicBlack technology dramatically improves image contrast by using dynamic lamp power adjustment according to the analysis of content frame by frame. Acer projectors featuring this technology dynamically adjust dark scenes to optimal black levels while maintaining the original brightness of bright scenes, resulting in the most vivid image quality and a very high contrast ratio of up to 13,000:1.
  • Acer SmartFormat Technology Conveniently supports comprehensive wide-format PC signals. Users no longer need to worry about annoying “Signal not supported” issues, nor must they change the resolution of their wide-format notebook.
  • One Button 3D With One Button 3D function, user can simply press the 3D button to toggle among various 3D functions, including 3D On/Off and 3D L/R Invert
  • PIN Security A feature that enables projector password control, preventing the projector from unauthorized use, and reducing the possibility of the projector being stolen.Acer – DLP Projectors – 2800 Lumens – NTSC – PAL Se Camera




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