Dboard Digital Interactive Whiteboard



Infrared technology: locate accurately, respond quickly with high accuracy. No-radiation, environment-friendly, safe and green product.


• Touch Recognition: Coordinating with a projector can make the whole screen become a touch screen. Users can now write on the board, operate and control the computer by a finger or a pointer.

• Handwriting Input: users can do common operations of computers directly on the board, input handwriting text directly on projection screen. E.g. can edit word, excel and other files on the board. it provides smart hot keys, can write at once, change the color and thickness of handwriting lines.

• Real-time Record: Can completely record the writing contents and images on the whiteboard and store them in a computer.

• Print Freely: easy and convenient to print the contents of the board just by clicking an icon.

• Auto saves: stored the contents automatically on a computer and generate courseware that users can reopen and modify .saving format include PPT, HTML, PDF, BMP, JPG, etc and can also be sent by E-mail.

• Synchronized Sounds and Pictures: not only record the writing contents but also can automatically generate multimedia teaching courseware or video records by synchronously recording the teacher’s or the conference organizers explaining process.

• Network Conference: uses system via LAN or internet can accommodate up to 500 participants to hold a network conference synchronously. Participant from the same remote conference can also engage in voice communication.

• Screen Annotation: users can use pen to mark, annotate, draw pictures on any projection screen window and switch to another screen by clicking a key to carry out the whole teaching or presentation smoothly.

Application: widely used in schools, enterprise meeting, military, medical etc. Won a good reputation both at home and oversea with good quality, reasonable price and excellent sale service. d@board interactive whiteboard the professional provider of multimedia teaching facilities.


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