Language Laboratory System



The cloud based technology is what makes this product unique from every other language lab schools used in Nigeria.

Unlike every other language lab where schools have to invest heavily on hard ware and installation with the teachers still relying on a monotonous system of teaching thus making learning and students participation dull; School Shape language labs make teaching and learning much more excited by engaging students online through the download of educational resources, tutorials, video, games, French resources, German resources, Spanish resources, ESL resources etc while the teacher can blank or control students screen, view students’ screen, supervise all students and broadcast teacher’s screen etc.

Moreover, most of the language labs in some schools have gone extinct because the manufacturers have phased them out, but the cloud based language lab keeps the users updated all year round which means schools are no longer faced with the problems of obsolescence.

For full details on how it works Download power point presentation here presentation-of-language-lab-for-nigeria-schools


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