Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard


Enjoy a life-long writing experience.
A scratch-resistant magnetic writing surface with a life-time warranty.
Fixed to wall from four corners for extra safety.
Protected from humidity by an aluminum foil cover on the back side.
Elegant aluminum frame with firm padding that protects the surface against pricking.


Magnetic white / green polyester coated steel surface can be supplied with invisible grids
Frame Model M
Silver anodized aluminum frame size 19x25mm in cross-section (for sized above 120X90cm)
model MB
Silver anodized aluminum frame size 14x17mm in cross section
Silver anodized aluminum tray with fixed plastic edges for safety


Fixed from four plastic corners with covers on screws
Inside Panel
Available Sizes (Width x Height cm)
Ø 60X40, 90X60, 120X90, 120X120, 150X120, 180X120, 200X120, 240X120, 300X120, and 360X120

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